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Give With Me on Giving Tuesday

Give with me on Giving Tuesday. 100% of earnings from December sales of Suicide Escape will be donated to mental health groups and you’ll have a gift for someone you care deeply about (perhaps even yourself).

While it didn’t win the Writer’s Digest 23rd Annual Self-Published Book Awards, Suicide Escape received a perfect rating in all six categories with encouraging judge’s comments:

“My life is a little better from having read Suicide Escape. While I was aware of the timeless truths conveyed in this novel, I needed the reminder. I appreciated how well the author teaches that great depression is dragged about by so many human beings in the world, be it hidden, recognized or ignored. Bushman grabbed my attention with a gripping opening scene of life and death. He made me care about Mike and Clarissa.

Kindle ebook cover for Suicide Escape“The encounter between a very likeable seventy-year-old hiker and the teen he stops from committing suicide does not ever grow wearisome because Bushman is good at dialogue and tension. He cultivated just enough conflict and interest in the simple hike down the mountain to make me want to follow. Mike’s fall helped, of course. The police arrest was even better and a perfect dramatic high point.

“I had a feeling the story was set in a futuristic society and that was confirmed in the ‘about the author’ segment at back. Bushman has succeeded in making Suicide Escape a standalone book. However, the intriguing futuristic devices make me want to read the other books that also include these characters. I liked the foreword by Carly Jacobson.

“In the wake of Robin Williams’ death and our growing public awareness of misery of depression, a book like Suicide Escape should be available in every classroom and school library. I was tremendously impressed, especially when the truth of Mike’s insistence that he too had been saved made more sense upon his diagnosis of cancer. This is a deeply touching book. The cover art is perfect.”

Finding Love and A Life Worth Living

As I strive, love provides the road on which I stride.

I love. I am loved. I even have come to love myself.

I always knew I was capable of the first. I could love. Until recently, I couldn’t believe I could be the recipient of the second. I am loved. I’ve learned I couldn’t reach the second without first achieving the third. Finally, I love myself.

I never even dreamed love could be this good.

Look at the woman I share my life with. My wife. My dream.

I admit it, even my fascination.

How does she do it? How does she know what I need, just when I need it? She holds me when I need to be held. She comforts me when I need to rest. She encourages me when I need a boost. She cajoles me when I need a swift kick to the backside.

Most of all, she refuses to let me give up on myself, particularly on those increasingly rare days when giving in feels easier than fighting through the next obstacle.

I once questioned—several times definitively answering no—whether this is a life worth living.

With every ounce of my being, I now know the answer is yes.

Mine is a bizarre, challenging life in a crazy world.

I love it, at least most days, and embrace it on all.

Even the tough days help make me who I am.

(This is the fifth in a series of insights lovingly shared by Carly Jacobson, founder of The CARL Project.)