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NSA Game Snooping Predicted in Novels

In Melting Point 2040, survivalist gaming and weapons development company New Rite tries to protect its on-line gamers from government snooping and control by building its own highly encrypted global server and connection network. Even with this, the government uses New Rite and other survival and war games as recruiting sites and methods to identify potential criminals and terrorists. Pete Roote, hired by New Rite to take out drug cartel leaders, escapes government detection of his actions by completely avoiding on-grid contact through New Rite’s training and advanced detection-interference technology. Based on what we found out yesterday, should the book have been Melting Point 2014?

Government Games Snooping

Thoughtful concerns about re-segregation

In Melting Point 2040 and Secession 2041, I focus on the consequences to the nation from re-segregation and politically exploited division. The attached article does a nice job of explaining the nearer-term consequences of re-segregation on America’s children.