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Specifically, Mr. President, This Is How to Fix Obamacare

Waking up this morning to read that Obamacare fell below Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian and Minecraft in Yahoo’s most searched terms of 2013 reminded me that substance trails celebrity in America even on the most consequential of issues. Buried further in the news, it appears President Obama also doubled down on his insistence that Obamacare is working. Combined, these stories convinced me to break my self-imposed health care pontification ban.

Specifically, I’m taking the President up on his challenge yesterday to “tell us specifically what you’d do … to make insurance more secure.” Sure, it’s a question better seriously considered before the law was passed on a strictly partisan basis, but I’ll take it as an open invitation.

The vast majority of those debating what’s wrong with Obamacare offer either fixes that tinker around the edges of the conceptually unsound Affordable Care Act or that seek unfettered return to a pre-2010 health care and insurance system battered by its own conceptual flaws.

I believe access to quality, affordable health care is the proper target, not necessarily insurance coverage as the President states. My approach focuses on reducing costs, increasing access and equity, and improving quality.

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