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Mike Bushman is available as a speaker to companies, educational institutions, trade associations, book clubs and other organizations. Mike’s presentations focus on adopting the Golden Rule in government and other organizations, as well as lessons learned in fighting depression. With decades of experience in presenting complex material in settings as wide-ranging as corporate boards, congressional hearings, high school assemblies and national marketing conferences, Mike always delivers thought-provoking, informative presentations.

The Golden Rule in Government, Business, and/or Media

Building on concepts discussed in books that include Doing Unto Others, this speech and workshop encourages participants to debate whether the Golden Rule should underpin all government laws and actions, and can be tailored to the actions of a business, association or media outlet. At a national level, a common moral code can be built based on the Golden Rule, the primary common principle adopted in the scriptures and teachings of every major faith as well as accepted in atheist, agnostic and secular humanist ideology. Building on work from academia, interfaith experts and history, successful application of the Golden Rule requires participants to seek knowledge, imagine themselves in different circumstances and to contemplate alternative solutions that aren’t initially apparent. These same techniques are equally applicable to organizational success. Ideal for political science, interfaith and philosophical forums seeking to challenge conventional practices and consider ethics and morals in any bureaucracy or government.

Escaping Suicide: Lessons Learned About Depression

“You received wonderful reviews, with the young adults in the audience identifying you as presenters they want to hear from and talk with again. You covered a sensitive topic in a way that engaged everyone. Thank you for all you do.”

Damir Djidic
Transitional Housing Program Manager
360 Youth Services

The journey from deciding whether to take my life at age 15 to pursuing my passions at 51 included hundreds of twists and turns, including raising a family, working in Congress and completing a successful corporate career. With lessons derived from my unique novella/memoir Suicide Escape, I talk about what I learned as an adult that I wish I understood as a teenager battling daily depression. While the lessons are aimed at a young adult audience, they apply to any audience dealing with depression or trying to help others facing this serious mental health challenge. These presentations are intended to be interactive and are tailored to the age of the audience.

I particularly enjoy co-presenting with friend and CARL Project Founder Carly Jacobson to groups wanting to hear about mental health challenges from various backgrounds. Carly is a remarkable person and mental health peer counselor in addition to being a multiple attempt survivor able to tackle mental health challenges from an LGBT perspective. Carly joined me in speaking to the 360 Youth Services group noted above.

Below is a short piece from a speech to students at a high school Writers Week conference, where I combined speaking about depression with reading snippets from Suicide Escape.

Book Clubs

I am always delighted to speak to a book club about any of my books. For clubs within range of my Naperville, Illinois home, I am willing to join in person. Outside of the area, I can join by Skype, FaceTime or conference call, whatever works best for your organization. Contact me at to make arrangements.


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