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suicidekindle2“If you want an unflinchingly honest account of the agony of being a teen without hope, or the difficult process of recovery, then know that you’ve found it.”
Life Coach Joanna Weston. http://www.3speedlife.com

“…captures my torment as a teenager, the joy I’ve found as an adult and the path between those two worlds.”
Teen attempt survivor/Certified Nutritionist/Syndicated Radio Host Kimmie Fetzer http://www.worldnutritionconsulting.com

“…easy-to-read, beautiful messages delivered with twists that keep the reader engaged. . . . The emotions, fears and struggles are spot on.”
Former Crisis Hotline staff Jennifer Brundige

“Brings to life the misunderstood, complex struggle faced by victims of depression . . . . Opens minds to the value and purpose of each life.”
Teen Depression/Suicide Awareness Advocate Tanner Snider

A unique blend of novel and memoir, Suicide Escape engages 15-year-old Clarissa Coleman’s mental battlefield as she wraps her lips around the end of a rifle on a remote mountaintop, too far lost in depression to see a future filled with anything except misery. Confronted before she pulls the trigger by an elderly hiker whose struggle with teen depression reflects the author’s life, Clarissa is trapped between curiosity and an intense desire to end her pain. Nature intervenes to twist an already emotional encounter in unexpected directions.

Melting Poing 2040

Melting Point 2040 tells an action-suspense story of what will happen if America’s melting pot is allowed to reach its boiling point. For generations, America’s political system has generated deep internal divisions, leading to segregated communities in many parts of the country. Before a new type of leader can unite the nation in the year 2040, a group of internal and external enemies conspire to pull it apart. Lives are disrupted and families separated as groups with vastly different views of the future reach the point of conflict. The intertwining lives of a wide range of characters fuel the plot, with a young immigrant, a war games addict, a university professor, a survivalist entrepreneur and many others enduring aspects of the physical and emotional devastation from the nation’s divide.

Secession 2041 by Mike BushmanAfter discovering that a self-absorbed senator conspired with the world’s most powerful drug cartel, radical terrorists, anti-American nations and an entrepreneur whose software controls the nation’s vehicles to orchestrate a four-state secession, the President launches a pitched battle for national survival in Secession 2041. Once foreign troops succeed in streaming into the Southwest through deep underground cartel tunnels, the nation finds itself engaged in a war in which people who were Americans days earlier are used as human shields. When the full brutality of the invading regime becomes clear, the President works to pull apart the coalition attacking America and galvanize the nation’s citizens. A university professor searches for ways to help America win the peace if it succeeds in winning the war. Others attempt to track down the real inspiration behind the conflict before it’s too late.

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