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From early days working in Congress, Mike Bushman’s 25-year exposure to the cross-sections of government, media and business taught him how partisanship, process flaws and personal agendas impact the opportunities available to normal Americans. A graduate of the University of Illinois and honors MBA graduate of the University of Chicago, Bushman retired as global policy and communications executive at a large, global sustainability services company after it was bought for the third time in 12 years. Today, he writes stories of the future world Americans face if government remains on its current divisive path, aiming to identify solutions that bridge the partisan divide. His first book is Melting Point 2040.

Why Another Blog?

As the author of an upcoming book, Melting Point 2040, I write stories about how our world could look in 2040 if we don’t solve our toughest issues. Having worked in Congress two decades ago, and then with Congress from the outside in many of the intervening years, I have become increasingly concerned that our political system is stacked against everyday Americans. Campaigns are too long. Money is too prevalent. Perhaps most importantly, the primary structure in most states forces candidates to adhere to political extremes to even get on the November ballot. There was a time when statesmen and stateswomen played key roles in policy decision-making. That time has passed. So, if I dwell on political system reform in this blog, it’s because I think systematic changes are a precursor to fixing many of these other issues.

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