Trilogy Complete: Doing Unto Others

Interested in challenging your thinking while reading compelling stories of atonement, recovery, retribution and inspirational leadership? After decades of increasing division, America embraces a path toward unity behind the sole principle common to every major faith, as well as those who don’t believe in a higher power. “Doing Unto Others: The Golden Rule Revolution” is now available in paperback only on Amazon and Createspace, completing the trilogy I began writing three years ago. (A formal launch, with e-book version, is still two months away, but I needed to hit the publish button in order to obtain review copies.) This is the most important book in the trilogy and does not require reading the first two to contemplate and enjoy.

Front cover for Doing Unto Others: The Golden Rule Revolution
Front cover for Doing Unto Others: The Golden Rule Revolution



One thought on “Trilogy Complete: Doing Unto Others”

  1. Very interesting reflection.

    Today I was thinking, what would had happen if every single printed media would have has the cover page as the Charlie Hebdo, would that made us all target of death?

    I wrote in blog a couple of things “Nos Matas” talking about how intolerance is the root of this mad house we live in. And today, ” ¿Qué pasaría si..? about the courage that is required to die standing and not on your knees.

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